We Say YES, When The Bank Says NO!

When applying for a hard money or a Private Money loan at Loan Workout Group, we get it done in a fraction of the time of many other lenders. Our financial resources have allowed us to make difficult loans happen and close quickly. As professionals in the real estate sector, we recognize present obstacles caused by current tight credit markets, resulting financial gridlock on most all conventional lending. The principals that formed Loan Workout Group is to fill this void in the economy, to allow any type of properties to be financed.

Unlike most conventional lending institutions, hard or private money lenders, our team of professionals have been in the lending business for many years and not only as Lenders also many of us are Real Estate Brokers as well, who understand the needs of an Investor and have the ability to maneuver through many difficult situations that some other Lenders are uncapable of resolving. We have the unique ability to move quickly on these real estate mortgage transactions. Our team will take the proper steps to have your property evaluated. And, we will customize your loan based upon property’s value in the current marketplace. Loan Workout Group makes it easy to finance all of your fix-and-flip, rental properties, multifamily, Ground-up construction, and all other Real Estate projects you may be working on.

Using hard money lending for real estate acquisitions has become commonplace in the housing sector. If for nothing else, a hard money loan gives investors an edge over those that are using traditional financing methods. Not only should hard money borrowers be able to secure capital faster, but sellers will also favor their offers because they are made with cash. That said, if you are looking to fund a deal, you may not want to ignore hard money; it could be the one thing that gets you the acceptance of a contract over all other offers by having an edge in the negotiating process by converting you into a cash Buyer.

Don’t let financing hold you back from a great Investment opportunity, we will fund your project with one of our many loan options, credit or not!