Nottingham Legal Advice Centre

Our qualified and experienced lawyers are assisted in advising and representing students at Nottingham Law School. Our multi-award winning law firm, NLS Legal, offers Nottingham Law School students excellent pro bono opportunities and the opportunity to gain practical experience while helping the local community. The specialty company is a leading academic provider providing the highest quality legal services to individuals and communities, providing access to justice, and seeking to address otherwise unmet legal needs. The Centre provides free legal advice and assistance with a range of services including:• Labour Rights• Business Law• Housing, Property and Environmental Law• Debt and Social Rights• Representation before courts and tribunalsOur aim is to provide quality legal advice and information while providing hands-on experience to students at Nottingham Law School. Our services are provided by law students working under the supervision of qualified lawyers. Some of our students are ratified volunteers of the Free Representation Unit (RUF) and may represent clients before labour and social security tribunals. 1. Contact us by phone, email or online request with details about your problem.2. We may contact you for more information to determine whether or not we can help you.3.

If we can help you, we will arrange a personal or telephone appointment with our study advisors.4. After your appointment, you will receive a notification letter or telephone advice, usually within two weeks of your appointment.5. In certain circumstances, we may offer support beyond initial advice, such as negotiating on your behalf or representing you in court. All information is provided in the strictest confidence. Welcome to NLS Legal, our award-winning teaching firm fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). We provide legal services in a range of business areas to those who cannot afford or otherwise access legal advice, assistance. We offer free or low-cost advice on a wide range of legal issues. These include labour rights, commercial law, housing, property and environmental law, social rights, and representation before courts and tribunals. Contact us today with your request. The multi-award-winning centre has a proven track record of providing pro bono and cost-effective advice and representation to people facing legal problems.

Under the supervision of qualified lawyers, students assist clients in a variety of areas, including benefits, employment, family, special educational needs and disability, and business and commerce. NLS Legal (the “Firm”) is a multi-award-winning educational law firm that provides free or low-cost advice and assistance on a variety of legal matters, including employment law, commercial law, benefits law, family law, criminal law, special educational needs and disability counselling. and representation before and in court. With hundreds of law students volunteering each academic year, we have recovered over £5.5 million in benefits and compensation for our clients. This is a great opportunity for you to develop your professional skills and continue your learning beyond the classroom – a chance to put your talents to good use and give back. Make a difference in the lives of others and gain valuable knowledge about modern legal practice. [The firm] may engage in regulated activities exempted under Part XX of the Financial Services and Markets Act, 2000, provided that those activities arise from or complement the reserved legal activities or other legal activities of the firm. The firm is licensed for the following reserved legal activities: We are currently unable to provide advice on immigration, family (e.g. divorce or child custody proceedings) or criminal matters. The Centre is unable to provide support when it comes to or could take action against Nottingham Trent University or any related institution, staff or current students. Unfortunately, we do not offer walk-in service. If we are unable to assist you, we will endeavour to refer you to another organisation that may be able to assist you.

NLS Legal is located in the Chaucer building. It has been specially designed to meet and work with guests, with private rooms to ensure confidentiality. Under the supervision of qualified lawyers and experienced lawyers, you will advise yourself and a range of legal services. In the last academic year, the Centre has raised over £1.2 million for its clients, provided over 350 opportunities for students and supported over 300 individuals, businesses and organisations. Nottingham Law School Legal Advice Centre Limited is not a listed company or a subsidiary or part thereof of a listed company. The following information is a summary of the exemptions granted. 50 Shakespeare Street Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 4FQ Business Number 9235463 Address: NLS Legal, Nottingham Law School, Chaucer Building, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham NG1 5LP Over the past five years, Nottingham Law School`s Legal Advice Centre has recovered over £3.8 million in benefits and indemnities for clients. Here are some examples of what you might get involved in: This is part of the University`s commitment to helping the local community and represents a development of the former Faculty of Law`s pro bono clinic, founded in 2002. In addition to supporting the local community, it provides our students with important practical skills to support them in their future careers. Maddie and Billy explain the benefits of getting involved with NLS Legal, Nottingham Trent University, not only for themselves, but for the wider community. For more information, please visit our NLS Legal website. We offer projects and internships exclusively for Nottingham Law School students.

If you are studying at law school, you can apply to our programs, regardless of the course you take. You are welcome to apply – we offer online and personal client appointments. The Centre also works with the national charity, the Free Representation Unit (RUF), to ensure pro bono representation before social security and labour courts. The Centre is the only supplier of FRUs outside London. The terms and conditions that apply to approved entities are set out in Rule 8 of the SRA Licensing Rules for Legal Service Entities and Licensed Entities. Sally Denton spoke to BBC Radio Nottingham about this new benefit Read More Any obligation that may be imposed from time to time on [the Company] or any unauthorised manager, employee or shareholder on [the Company] by or under the SRA`s licensing rules or by or under the LSA or any other regulation. Nottingham Law School has won the LawWorks Law School Challenge`s highest honour – the Platinum Award. The approved entity was granted an exemption from Rule 8.6(a)(ii) of the SRA Authorization Rules 2011 to remove the requirement that current and future governors of their business owner obtain approval for their role. The waiver is granted indefinitely, but may be revoked within a reasonable time. ».