Msu Law Registrar Email

A: The start date of the current academic year can be found in MSU Law`s academic calendar. Information about the start of studies is sent to each student during their last semester. It is important that you complete an application for the degree before your final semester in order to receive important end-of-studies electronic communications from various MSU legal departments. For more information, visit the MSU Law Degree Information page. To declare your ULWR, you must submit the ULWR Declaration Form with your professor`s signature by the end of the fourth week of the fall or spring semester or before the end of the second week of the summer semester. If you pass the ULWR requirement, you will be notified by email after the grading deadline for the semester in which the ULWR degree was added to your file. A: Contact the SSM Registrar`s Office by sending an email to Q: Where can I find a list of MSU-registered law student organizations and their contact information? A: You may prefer to be addressed by a name other than your legal name. MSU and MSU College of Law recognize that many of their students use names other than their legal names to identify themselves and allow you to do so by setting a preferred name. Q: Where can I find my character, fitness and final exam forms for the bar exam? A: The Spartan Bookstore is located in the MSU International Center.

A: See the Student Handbook: Privacy Rights under FERPA. A: Under no circumstances should you talk to your teacher about your accommodation request. Law school exams are designed to be anonymous, and asking your professor for such a request will ruin that anonymity. Q: How do I get a copy of my law school application? Q: What happens if my question is not answered here and/or I need more clarification on a question answered here? See: ALPHABETICAL (faculty and staff, departments, student groups) | DEPARTMENT Q: What are the requirements to create the MSU Law School Dean List? Q: When and how can I apply for the degree? Q: Is there a completion requirements checklist for J.D. Where do I submit the form(s)? Q: When do I submit my personality, suitability and diploma forms to the Office of the Registrar? Q: If I have an approved exam conflict or special accommodation, when will I receive detailed information about the date and time of my specific exams? Q: How do I get an I-20, OPT, or CPT form or consultation? A: Visit the academic calendar for semester and start dates. Visit the Course Schedules and Descriptions page and select a specific semester to find the dates and times of the final courses and exams. Check the law school calendar of events for events and meetings. A: Young Women students enrolled in 12 credits or more are declared full-time. LL.M.

and MJ students enrolled in six (6) credits or more will be declared full-time. Q: I need the Dean to sign an application form for membership in a bar association. Where do I submit the form(s)? A: Your degree will be sent to the mailing address you provided in your degree application and will be sent to you by the MSU Registrar`s Office. If you have any questions, please contact the MSU Registrar`s Office in Sarah E. HaighRegistration Services weekday hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (lunch closed from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.) A: MSU reports semester enrollment status and completion degree information to the National Student Clearinghouse on behalf of all MSU students.

The clearing house regularly provides data to public and private lenders. Potential employers can call the Information Centre at (703) 742-4200 or visit their website at to confirm their credentials. If you have any questions or concerns about the National Student Information Centre, contact the MSU Registrar`s Office at or by phone at (517) 355-3300. As of June 2021, all newly issued student IDs will contain a student ID number instead of an APID. Students with a student ID issued with an APID can convert their APID to a student identification number by simply replacing the “A” with a “1” (for example, A23456789 –> 123456789). The registration number is also displayed on the My Profile sticker in the Student Information System (SIS) under A: For the College of Law, visit the College of Law directory. For the main university, visit MSU Find People. Q: The course description and course prerequisites on the MSU Calendar website are different from the MSU Law College calendar. What is correct? Q: What is an appointment time? Q: When will my appointment time for the upcoming semester be published and how can I find my appointment time? Q: How do I register for courses? Q: Why can`t I log in? Q: How do I add/remove a course BEFORE it is first affected? Q: How do I add/remove a course AFTER its first success? Q: What is ULWR and how do I declare it? Q: When and how should I register a targeted study? Q: What courses are required to graduate? Q: How many credits can I earn through distance learning (including online courses)? Q: What is the maximum number of credits I can take per semester? A: You will usually receive detailed information about your property 1 week before the exam period begins. Please contact MSU`s Office of the Legal Registrar if you have any further questions or concerns. A: The affidavit of enrollment status is required each semester and is an affidavit to ensure that students comply with the MSU Act`s Work Restriction Policy and Attendance Policy, as described in the Student Handbook.

Students can complete the Student Services Affidavit by logging in with their NetId MSU and password. If you do not have a completed affidavit for a given semester, your examination permit will be refused. A: See Amending the Law School Application/Updating Student Records Applications for detailed instructions. For general questions about housing, you should contact the student council to make an appointment to discuss your concerns with the Assistant Director of Studies.