Mmu Entry Requirements Law

This one-year core program serves as an entry point to the undergraduate program, enhancing knowledge and skills to pursue undergraduate law studies. Students will have a good understanding of the fundamentals of legal education to prepare students to enter the legal profession. For courses starting in 2022, you will not be able to submit a new application. An independent study element allows you to focus on an area of law that interests you, with the support of specialist academics and researchers who help shape today`s legal, political and business environment. And while you can choose to keep your LLM broad, you can opt for a specialist itinerary instead: Students will be introduced to the foundations, characteristics, methodology, specialisations, practices, policies and revolution of law in the local and international landscape. The programme covers various branches of legal practice and offers exposure in a full range of areas. For international students, we require IELTS with a total score of 7.0 with no less than 5.5 in each category or an equivalent English qualification accepted. The prerequisite for admission to the program is compliance with internal selection criteria. Full-time fee for the year of incorporation in the UK, EU and Channel Islands: £9,250 per year for the year of incorporation. These tuition fees are agreed subject to UK government policy and parliamentary regulation and may increase each academic year depending on inflation or UK government policies for new and current students.

Annual full-time non-EU international incorporation fee: £17,000 per year. During the transition from the base year of pre-study to the linked degree. Tuition fees remain the same for each year of your course, provided you complete it within the normal timeframe (no repetition or interruptions of studies) The course provides an in-depth understanding of how the law applies to individuals, businesses and society, not only at regional and national level, but also in the global arena of international relations and multinational corporations. In Year 3, you will have the opportunity to tailor the degree to your interests and study from a range of elective units covering a wide range of areas of law. You will also have the opportunity to work on a thesis in a field of your choice. A maximum of three A equivalent qualifications will be accepted to meet the requirements of the UCAS tariff. All fees are in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) currency unless otherwise stated. Do you have a question? Ask and discuss with your fellow candidates! The law underpins our society. A law degree will give you a unique insight into everything from economics to the criminal justice system. And it gives you a wide range of skills that will accompany you throughout your career.

The LLB (Hons) is your passport to a rewarding future – whether you have ambitions to become a lawyer or a lawyer. Working abroadGaining work experience with an international touch offers a double benefit. While gaining valuable job skills in a real workplace, you`ll also experience different cultures, ways of working, and new perspectives. Whether it`s a summer exchange, a summer internship, or a one-year international internship, global experience can have a significant impact on your career prospects. By studying law, you will develop skills in abstract thinking, critical analysis and practical problem solving. By developing these essential skills, a wide range of exciting career opportunities will be available to you after graduation. Plus, you`ll thrive in our friendly and supportive environment, all housed in stunning modern facilities right in the heart of Manchester. If you already have an application for 2022 and are in compensation, you can add this course as a compensation selection – contact the university or college first to check if they have places. In Year 2, you will continue to cover the main areas of law, but you will also have the opportunity to choose optional entities that match your interests and aspirations. You`ll start thinking about your career preferences and preparing for the world of work. Für nur $ 5 erhalten Sie Cashback für die Anmeldegebühr für 5 Partneruniversitäten und Yockets vollständige Unterstützung! Jahr 1Malaysisches RechtssystemVerfassungsrecht IContract Law ILegal-MethodeZeitgenössisches Management und UnternehmertumJuristische FähigkeitenVerfassungsrecht IIContract Law IIFamily LawJahr 2Strafrecht ILaw of Torts IIlamic Law IIntellectual Property LawDroit pénal IILaw of Torts IIIdroit juridique juridique IICyberlawMootingYear 3Land Law ICompany Law IPublic International LawEquity and Trust ILand Law IICompany Law IIJurisprudenceEquity and Trusts IILaw of SuccessStatutory AttachmentYear 4Civil Procédure ICriminal Verfahren ILaw von Beweismitteln IProfessional Practice IConveyancing PracticeCivil Procedure IICriminal Procedure IILaw of Evidence IIProfessional Practice IILaw of InsolvencyCivil Trial Advocacy Criminal Trial AdvocacyAlternative Streitbeilegungsverfahren. As one of the largest legal centres outside of London, Manchester is expanding its legal presence faster than most regional cities in the UK.

Manchester is home to law firms specialising in everything from corporate and commercial law to employment and family law. In addition, Manchester has one of the largest bar associations in the UK, dating back to 1838, which regularly hosts events and educational initiatives. As such, you will examine the effectiveness of the global legal order after 1945 and how the globalized system of economic, commercial and commercial law evolved. You will also learn about the growing number of international human rights laws and European laws, and explore issues surrounding Brexit and the protection of fundamental rights, particularly in the UK. Our placement team will be happy to assist you, but it is your responsibility to be proactive and apply for job opportunities. And because the job market is so competitive, we recommend that you start looking for companies and opportunities during your first year so you`re ready to apply at the start of your second year. Other courses at this level of study Other courses in this field of study. *Applies to certain courses only. If fee waiver is not available for your course preference, Yocket will award a $100 grant upon registration at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Of course, you still have plenty of options if you decide that a legal career is not the way to go. We have graduates working at the UN, the EU, the NHS and the civil service. Their skills will be useful in all sectors, from finance and education to retail and local government. As part of our full-time LLB program, you have the opportunity to apply for one year of internship. It`s a chance to apply the academic knowledge you`ve gained in the classroom to a real, professional workplace while gaining industry experience that shows potential employers that you`re ready to work after graduation. Administrative LawConflict of LawsConsumer LawEnvironmental LawEvidence and Proceedings before the Shariah CourtHuman Rights LawCommercial and Maritime LawBanking and Financial LawIslamic Constitutional LawIslamic Constitutional LawIslamic LawLabour and Business LawBanking LawTax Law. The Bachelor of Laws and Legal Studies is one of Manchester Metropolitan University`s most popular degree programmes. The reason for the popularity of this degree program is that it regularly ranks on prestigious global education platforms.