Mexican Consulate Toronto Legalization

If you are not sure how much your documents will cost, count the number of authentication stamps created by Global Affairs Canada. This figure corresponds to the number of legalizations carried out by the embassy. Canada is NOT a member of the Hague Convention waiving the requirement to legalize foreign public documents (known as the Apostille Convention) and therefore the interested party must contact the appropriate Mexican consulate to obtain legalization of any Canadian public document that they wish to be valid in Mexico. You should now have a better understanding of the legalization process at the Embassy of Mexico in Canada, as well as other consular services offered at the Embassy and Consulates. This process is sometimes referred to as authentication, authentication, or apostille. Since Canada is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, it cannot issue apostilles. Although the terms are often used interchangeably, the correct term for the Mexican-Canadian process is authentication and legalization. And much more Please contact us for your document authentication request, and you will then receive a simple, fast and accurate solution to legalize and authenticate documents for your Canadian document at any embassy, consulate or high commission in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal or Global Affairs Canada {Ex-authentication of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) Canada}. Before your Canadian document can be accepted for use in Mexico, you must first submit it to Global Affairs Canada for authentication and then to the Embassy of Mexico or one of their consulates for legalization. A letter requesting the legalization of your document(s), including your contact information: complete address, telephone number and email. Order form for clients The Embassy proposes the legalization of the original versions of these documents.

Although we use the Mexican Embassy in Ottawa exclusively to legalize documents, there are consulates across Canada that can do so. It is important to know that if you do not use the embassy in Ottawa for legalization, your documents may need to be certified by the province. Below is a list of Mexican consulates in Canada responsible for legalizing property documents for Mexico. Yes, Mexico has an embassy in Ottawa, Canada, and five consulates across Canada: Embassy of Mexico in Ottawa Canada Document Legalization Each Mexican consulate is responsible for a specific geographical area: payment by mail is only allowed for the legalization of Canadian public documents. Documents issued in Ontario or Manitoba must be certified prior to legalization. These documents include: powers of attorney, school grades, diplomas, school certificates, birth or marriage certificates, diplomas/divorce certificates, notarized business documents, affidavits before a notary. Documents that can be legalized by the Mexican Consulate in Ottawa: 1. Birth, marriage, death and divorce certificates.2. professional qualifications (diplomas); certificates of registration from colleges or universities; Grades and certificates.3. Notarial copies and deeds, notarial powers of attorney.4. Records, certificates and documents issued by Canadian government agencies at the federal or provincial level.5.

Judgments and judicial decisions.6. Medical records certified by a notary. Admittedly, authentication and legalization can be complicated: there are several entities involved in the process, as well as specific procedures to follow. The following is not legalized by the Consulate of Mexico in Canada:1. Documents from countries other than Canada.2. Birth certificates the size of a wallet. 3. Translations or photocopies not stamped and signed by a Canadian notary or notarial lawyer.4.

Academic documents that do not bear the name and signature of the academic authority issuing them. In addition to legalization, the Embassy of Mexico in Canada provides consular services to Mexicans residing in Canada and to Canadians and other foreigners travelling to or moving to Mexico. All of the above documents must be translated, notarized, and legalized before being certified at the consulate. Welcome to Canada`s Document Authentication, Legalization, Legalization and Apostille Service in Ottawa, making your document efficient worldwide Simple, accurate and fast. Notarization, legalization, legalization is a confirmation of the authenticity of the signature and seal or position of an official authorized to export, issue or certify a document so that a document signed, issued or certified in one jurisdiction can be recognized in another jurisdiction.