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Nicholas Beis is part of the advisory team of Fidelity Personal AND Workplace ADVISORS in Schaumburg, IL. Nicholas Beis has worked for 13 years in roles of increasing responsibility for Fidelity Personal AND Workplace ADVISORS, Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Wilson & Wilson Estate Planning & Elder Law LLC, Bellock & Coogan Ltd, Wilson & Wilson Estate Planning & Elder Law LLC and Nicholas A. Beis Nicholas Beis has successfully obtained the Series 66 license, which allows them to serve as a securities agent and investment advisor and to work in Illinois. New legal proceedings in the UK that are to be served on the Treasury Solicitor may be served as follows: By email to: for all new legal proceedings issued in the UK, with the exception of new immigration proceedings. GLD would be grateful if, if possible, all new procedures were delivered electronically and no paper documents were sent to our postal address. New immigration procedures and service of claims for reimbursement of expenses at the Ministry of the Interior (SSHD) in immigration proceedings, i.e.: • Judicial review by the Supreme Court of Immigration• Habeas corpus applications for immigration • Family Court proceedings for immigration • Appeals to the Court of Appeal against Immigration Appeals Appeal decisions of the Higher Immigration Court must be served on: The reference to the Submission of Cost Claims to the Ministry of the Interior above refers to claims for reimbursement of officially served costs (Notification B. of Commencement and Bill) v. the Ministry of the Interior (SSHD) on the basis of costs orders issued in the context of the types of procedures and judicial review procedures of the Higher Immigration Court listed above. This does not apply to informal claims or cost negotiation that should be addressed to the GLD expert.

If the GLD Registrar is known to the party performing the cost procedure, the GLD Registrar must also be copied to the email address. Judicial immigration reviews issued by the Higher Immigration Court should be served on the Department of the Interior: new applications that would normally only be sent or delivered in person to the Department of the Interior at 6 New Square, Bedfont Lakes, TW14 8HA can now be emailed to Where further service instructions have been given in notices of decision-making or in a summary of immigration facts, they should continue to be followed. Formal claims for reimbursement of expenses in such proceedings must be served on GLD as mentioned above. The above e-mail addresses are only used for the delivery of new procedures: any other correspondence addressed to them will be deleted unread. For all proceedings (including the Supreme Court) once the case has been assigned to a GLD social worker, any subsequent service, with the exception of formal claims for costs in immigration proceedings (see above), must be made to his OR HER email address or that of a designated successor. If you delivered by e-mail, please do not send printed duplicates of documents. In order to maintain registration on this website, certain financial advisors, which do not include the aforementioned financial advisor, must pay a fee to Indyfin. The fee is not payable specifically in exchange for a “confirmation” that Indyfin may have awarded to a financial advisor, as the Indyfin “Notes” are granted to Indyfin on the basis of standardized and automated factors regardless of the financial advisor`s compensation. However, the compensation that a financial advisor pays to Indyfin creates a significant conflict of interest that potential clients of a financial advisor should be aware of. For a more detailed description of this financial agreement between the publicly traded financial advisors and Indyfin. This website, the content of this page (the “Website”) and any other linked pages or pop-ups (collectively, this “Website”) are derived primarily from information from independent third-party sources believed to be reliable, including the Investment Advisors` Public Information Website (

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These experiences and opinions may vary from client to client and may differ from your experience and opinions if you choose to use such financial advisor. We recommend that you independently verify any information you deem relevant when evaluating a financial advisor. Indyfin has made every effort to independently verify only certain information provided by such financial advisor (to the extent that such information can be independently verified), but cannot and will not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein. Therefore, all users of this website expressly agree to the following: YOUR USE OF THIS WEBSITE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. THIS WEBSITE IS PROVIDED BY Indyfin on an “as is” and “as available” basis. WE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR PURPOSE, NON-INFRINGEMENT, TITLE, AND ACCURACY OF INFORMATION. The fees charged by financial advisory firms depended on the type of services they provided to each client. Fidelity Personal AND Workplace ADVISORS offers services such as financial planning, portfolio management for individuals and/or small businesses, portfolio management for companies (other than small businesses) or institutional clients (excluding registered investment companies and other collective investment vehicles and), selection of other advisors and educational seminars/workshops. The fees charged most likely include a percentage of assets under management and a fixed fee. Fidelity Personal AND Workplace ADVISORS is a financial consulting firm based in Schaumburg, IL.

Fidelity Personal AND Workplace ADVISORS have 1,509,611 accounts receivable with over $630,954,282,255 in assets under management. For representations regarding future deportation (immigration) cases, we refer to the Immigration Facts Summary provided with the Deportation Notice, which contains contact information that can be used during and outside office hours. For urgent court requests that cannot wait for normal business hours.