4D Gel Number Plates Road Legal

The new big thing is 4D laser cutting and 3D gel resin, and it turns out that we produce the best plates on the market in these styles. Set of high quality 4D sparkling gel license plates that have been perfectly laser cut. Manufactured in-house using state-of-the-art laser technology, the latest custom license plates are currently in vogue. *IMPORTANT* – If you want your reg to be distributed differently from what it appears on your V5, go back and click on the billboards. Otherwise, if you would like your license plates to be approved for road traffic, please proceed here 🙂 The wider range of license plates available at Monstaplates also includes 3D gel plates, extra thick gel or tinted plates. Krystal tinted or Super 3D panels designed for presentation can be customized in a range of finishes such as glossy or matte carbon. These high quality license plates use UK 4D Black Acrylic & Gel in Charles Wright font. They are legal for the road and compatible with the TÜV. Currently our most popular letter style, if you are looking for something fresh, crisp, eye-catching and super bright, these Lazer Cut acrylic letters may be exactly what you are looking for. Also to our letters Krystal / Gel, these are again 100% legal road in the UK + TÜV-friendly. All our Lazer panels come with a 3-year warranty as the materials we source only come from today`s leading UK manufacturers. We`ve already mentioned some of the benefits of buying from a trusted license plate supplier. Monstaplates ensures that your license plate complies with the legal requirements in force, and all our 4D license plates are secured with an extra strong adhesive to ensure that the lettering remains in place reliably.

4D license plates use 3mm thick acrylic lettering that is laser cut and adapted to each recording configuration. They`re a great way to make your license plates look more spectacular and are especially good at making custom recordings shine. All characters were designed to match the current Charles Wright font. We use the highest quality letters and numbers using a 5mm thick glitter gel with an acrylic underside for ultra-smooth results. Subject to legality, all our panels are subject to DVLA standards to ensure that they are TÜV complaints, with each panel marked with easy Number Plates details and British Standards markings (BS AU 145d). 4D licence plates are legal in the UK as long as they meet the above requirements set by the Vehicle Registration Authority (DVLA) and the owner has the correct registration documents. The DVLA said plates with “high characters” are now allowed. Royal Mail Tracked free shipping on all license plate orders. For legal license plates on the road, please email proof of identity and proof of ownership to info@generationplates.com In fact, we are so confident in our products that we offer a “legality statement” that you can print or keep on your phone. If you ever get arrested because you have a set of our plates, give us a call and we`ll talk to the police for you. How does this work for a warranty? One of the main concerns with 4D license plates in the UK is their ability to be read from an angle as the lettering stands out.

It is important to buy 4D licence plates from a trusted supplier authorised to sell licence plates in the UK, as they ensure that all these requirements are met. In addition, you need to make sure that your plates are made with the best adhesive, as your plates are no longer legal when the signs fall. Pair (2 front and rear plates) 100% British road and legal TÜV, standard size gel 3D topped 4D laser cut glossy black license plate for front placement on cars, vans, trailers or caravans. Please provide your registration number by adding a message to your order or by sending us an email with your order number to info@rsccuk.com. Note: Legal license plates are only manufactured in accordance with DVLA guidelines and the way the registration is displayed on your V5. For the show distance, please select the exhibition plates and space as desired. While “4D” would normally refer to the 4th dimension (time), unfortunately, these license plates will not teleport your car to days past. Instead, it`s the industry term for sheets with thick laser-cut acrylic lettering to easily separate pre-existing 4D license plates and 3D gel plates.

License plates in the UK are required by law to use the charles Wright standard font with specific dimensions for each sign and between signs. Dimension requirements differ between plates over time. The categories of distinction are between before January 1973, before September 2001 and after September 2001. The dimensional requirements for modern panels after September 2001 are as follows: will delivery not take place? Don`t worry, our plates will pass through most mailboxes. Do you have a weird mailbox? That`s fine too, have them redelivered the next day or pick them up at the Royal Mail. We only use high-quality materials in our manufacturing process. All our standard material plates come with a 12-month warranty, Premium with 18 months and Ultra Premium with a 24-month warranty. These include sunlight (UV protection), letter and glue protection, and reflective self.

Using illegal license plates in the UK can result in a fine of up to £1000 and in rare cases such as the possibility of cloned license plates or criminal activity, your vehicle can be seized by the police. There are tens of thousands of licence plate suppliers in the UK. We are one of the few companies that regularly works directly with the DVLA to ensure that our products are 100% legal for the road and compatible with the TÜV. Verified by the DVLA itself as completely legal on the road. Laser-cut license plates are made with a laser cutter to make each individual brand. These 4D license plates are made of acrylic and have a distinctly elevated appearance. This is different from other 3D plates that usually use a gel to lift the lettering slightly. Each laser-cut acrylic figure is then applied separately to the background with accurate measurements, giving the license plate its clean and spectacular feel. Monstaplates manufactures 4D license plates in a range of sizes (including short 16-inch front or rear license plates) to fit any vehicle. The laser-cut lettering has been precisely designed with the highest technical standards in mind to achieve a sleek and clean look with full effect. Monstaplates` 4D license plates can also be ordered in a new hexagonal shape that highlights the sharp angles and curves of the front or rear of your vehicle while remaining homologated for the road. License plates are allowed to display a national identifier on the left, and a selection of flags and abbreviations are available.

We are open 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday from 8am to 10pm. You can 01628540033 call us or send us an email info@easynumberplates.com. You need to bring one of the following options to show that you are allowed to see the license number: It is highly recommended to buy two x8 adhesive pads when purchasing these plates, as the weight of each plate with 3D gels and 4D acrylic (8 stamps per plate when applied to the vehicle) has increased. Long gone are the days of boring printed plastic or pressed metal license plates – with the obligatory folds where they inevitably bend at some point. Your license plates are also checked as part of a TÜV. If your license plates are illegal, your vehicle will not pass its TÜV. All license plates, including 4D license plates, ordered from Monstaplates are guaranteed with free shipping and tracked shipping, and all our license plates are usually shipped within 2-4 business days of ordering. 4D neon panels are very popular for car shows and meetings as they can be made in a range of colors to fit any vehicle and make a statement.

However, variants such as neon licence plates and tinted licence plates are illegal on the road in the UK, and drivers with cars carrying them as proof should always have the appropriate licence plate registration documents. In addition to dimensions, there are also additional requirements for license plates in the UK to be considered legal: at Monstaplates, we are so convinced of the impeccable standard of our products that we are one of the few UK license plate suppliers to offer a 3-year warranty on all plate styles. These include raised letter glue, rolling shell and UV protection. In case of change of delivery address requests, we can change the address at any time before the shipment of the order, please send an e-mail info@bespoke-plates.co.uk to change the delivery address. Yes. Your Postie will be jealous when he brings you your new plates in 3 days. By the way, that is our average time. 3 days from the sending of your documents until the receipt of your plates.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on info@bespoke-plates.co.uk. All controls include the front and rear plates as a complete package. RSCC is a supplier registered with DVLA for the supply of license plates. All our materials comply with the BSAU145e standard. The license plates bear all the marks of the highway code, including the data of our company and the BS number. Each order is produced professionally, using only high-quality components. All products come in the UK from approved suppliers with products certified to meet the legal requirements of the UK BSAU145e standards. We need to see two original documents, they can be scanned or photographed and sent to us by post or e-mail to info@easynumberplates.com.

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